The Champ De Mars race trackThe Champ de Mars track follows a very selective right hand oval path . Being 1298 m in circumference and 12 to 14 metres wide, it is relatively small in size and very competitive. The home-straight extends uphill and is 250m long. Three shoots were added to the initial circular path to allow an even start for fields in 1000 m, 1600 m, 1850 m races.

Races are run on usual distances from 990m to 2400m, including distances to mark historic events or key figures like the 1365m, situated in front of the mast where is raised the flag in commemoration of the Independence Day, and the Draper's Mile (1500m), named after the founder of the club.

Track Records

Year Distance Horse Time
2017 950m Emie 0m53.54
2020 990m Emerald Band 0m54.58
2014 1000m Twitter 0m55.94
2013 1365m Captain's Key 1m20.66
2011 1400m Green Keeper 1m22.21
2020 1450m Marauding 1m26.85
2013 1500m Tales of Bravery 1m28.87
2010 1600m Disa Leader 1m34.46
2010 1650m Disa Leader 1m39.78
2013 1850m Vettel 1m51.50
2009 2050m Solar Symbol 2m05.93
2012 2100m Intercontinental 2m08.00
2014 2200m Diamond Light 2m14.09
2013 2400m Intercontinental 2m26.85