The Duke Of York Cup
The ''Duke Of York Cup'' is the fourth and final Classic race on the Mauritius Horse Racing calendar. It was originally contested over the mile in 1927, when the Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess Of York Cup visited the island. A special day was organized on Thursday 2nd June that year, with five races on the card.
The very first edition of the Gold Cup, as the race is popularly known, had many twists and turns. Gander, who was the favourite, fell five furlongs from the finishing post, much to the dismay of the huge crowd that had flocked to the Champ de Mars. The pacemaker, Harry Of Monmouth led from start-to-finish, and did enough to fend off the fast-finishing Chica. His jockey, Allan Lewis, was in the spotlight on that day, winning in each of the three races he rode on the card.
The phenomenal Tommy Boy, who arrived from England at the age of two in 1934, wrote another chapter of this Classic race by winning the first of his five wins in 1936. His owners would bring him back to the winner's enclosure in 1937, 1938, 1941 and 1944. It is worth noting that two of his wins came despite the fact he was handicapped at 68 kg. In those days, the race was run at handicap conditions.
The conditions of the race were modified in 1955 in order to make it a genuine Classic. Contested at weight-for-age, the race was won for the second time in-a-row by Little Abner, brilliantly ridden by Australian jockey Charlie Malavich in a five-horse race.
Under weight-for-age conditions, the mighty South African steed Prodigal proved to be the best miler on the island three years in-a-row. This exploit in 1960, 1961 and 1962 would not be matched for almost a quarter of a century, by which the offspring of the legendary Irish stallion Noble Chieftain took Mauritian turf by storm. His sons Azul and Noble Salute went on to match Prodigal's exploits - Azul in 1977, 1978 and 1979, and Noble Salute in 1983, 1984 and 1985.
It is easy to understand how the Gold Cup became the Milers' Championship. Since the introduction of the metric system in 1981, the 1600 metres track record has been broken on three occasions. In 1991, St Johns Wood set a time of 1m37.4s, nibbling three tenths of a second off the time set by the legendary Wild Amber on August 27th 1988. However in 2004, the legendary Hinterland, set the bar high by setting a time of 1m35.76s, which would stand until Disa Leader's exploits in this very race in 2010, when he clocked 1m34,46s.
It is not only horses that have made history in this race. Jockeys have also made their contributions. Mauritian jockey Rye Joorawon has won this race five times - 2007, 2008, 2012, 2015 and 2016. Before him, South Africa's Pieter de Villiers Graff achieved a hat-trick in 1942, 1943 and 1944, before scoring his fourth win in 1947. Charlie Malavich, Jimmy Langdon, Len Hill and Karl Neisius are the other four jockeys to have achieved a treble in this race. 

Année Cheval Propriétaire(s) Poids Jockey Distance Temps
2022 Walls Of Dubrovnik Mr D.Chui Wan Cheong, Mr & Mrs P.Sreeneebus, Mr V.Ramassur, R.Chung & S.Mannick 59kg A-L.da Silva 1600m 1m36.29
2021 Frosted Gold MM. Jean Michel Lee Shim, Maxime Henri Maingard 58kg R.Joorawon 1600m 1m36.74
2020 BLACK CAT BACK MM. & Mmes Ramapatee, Tikanand, Dr. & Mme Hemant K. Gujadhur 58kg G. D. Aucharuz 1600m 1m36.54
2019 WHITE RIVER MM. Chandra Kumar Gujadhur & France Law 58kg M.Nunes 1600m 1m35.18
2018 HARD DAY'S NIGHT MM Chandra K., Ramesh, Bud, Dayanidhi, Moorli, Kamlakar & Anand Gujadhur 58kg M.Nunes 1600m 1m37.24
2017 READY TO ATTACK MM & Mmes Ramapatee, Tikanand, Dr. & Mme Hemant K. Gujadhur 58kg I.Chisty 1600m 1.36.30
2016 PARACHUTE MAN MM Didier V Descroizilles, M.Henri Maingard, M.&Mme Deepak Bundhoo & M. Didier Peten 58kg R.Joorawon 1600m 1.35.71
2015 ONE COOL DUDE M. G. Coombes, Mme M. Marie Goupille, MM. M.H Maingard, D. Peten & E. Carosin 58kg R.Joorawon 1600m 1.36.61
2014 LOVE STRUCK M. & Mme Paul & M. Bryan Foo Kune, M. & Mme Avishan Askurn 58kg S. Brown 1600m 1.35.96
2013 TALES OF BRAVERY Mmes Elisa Lagesse, M.Marie Goupille, Brigitta Dehring Maingard & M. M. Lagesse 58kg A. Fortune 1600m 1.36.42
2012 TANDRAGEE MM. Ramapatee, Vijay Kumar & Tikanand Gujadhur 57.5kg R. Joorawon 1600m 1.35.00
2011 GREEN KEEPER M. J.M. Caboche Adam, Mmes B. Sussens, L. Jean Hardy, MM. D. Peten & G. Hart de K. 57.5kg J. Geroudis 1600m 1.36.08
2010 DISA LEADER Dr. N.Dyall & MM. G.Rousset, D.Peten, J.C.Courtieux & Spéville 58kg J. Geroudis 1600m 1.34.46
2009 CAPTAIN'S KNOCK Mme A.Howlakhan & Spéville,G.Rousset, D.Naik & Dr.G.Stasica 58kg R.S.Dye 1600m 1.36.42
2008 RITZ CUB MM. R.Chan, D.V.Descroizilles, I.Chuttoo, B.Holiday & V.Bhoojedhun 58kg R.Joorawon 1600m 1.36.32
2007 LONDON DEL M. & Mme Shekhar Ramdin & MM. R.Chan,L.Guness & V.... 58kg R.Joorawon 1600m 1.37.97
2006 Chief Warrior M. & Mme Gunness Gujadhur 58kg M. Neisius 1600m 1.37.50
2005 Rhythmically M. & Mme Mukesh Balgobin & Mlle Sandrine Henry 58kg K. Shea 1600m 1.38.10
2004 Hinterland M. & Mrs Gunness Gojadhur 58kg J. Taylor 1600m 1.37.31
2003 Rhythmically Mrss Philippe Henry & Mukesh Balgobin 57kg J. Lloyd 1600m 1.37.21
2002 Johnny B Goode MM. A Rassool, D. H Hang, K Kistnen & Mrs j. H Mai... 58kg J. Jago 1600m 1.36.70(R)
2001 Tub Thumper MM &MrssP Henry&D V Descroizilles 57kg G.Hatt 1600m 1.37 5/10
2000 Seraphos M. Alain Perdrau 58kg K. Wright 1600m 1.39 1/10
1999 Trump M & Mrs Gavin Glover 58kg J. Powell 1600m 1.37 7/10
1998 Hard Ball M. & Mrs Philip Koon 58kg G. Van Zyl 1600m 1.38 7/10
1997 Studded Chalice M. Moosa, B. & A Gujadhur 58kg T. Jackman 1600m 1.39 1/10
1996 Villiers M. & Mrs B Jeetoo 58kg S. Randolph 1600m 1.38 6/10
1995 Botanique Mrss F. de C. du Mée, P. Fanchette & A.Pedrau 58kg S. Mahadia 1600m 1.37 7/10
1994 Bold Statement Gunness Gujadhur 58kg P. Nagadoo 1600m 1.37 5/10
1993 Brief Affaire M & Mrs A K Ip Kwok Sheung 58kg S. Sharman 1600m 1.37 7/10
1992 Shadari Mrs Gilbert Merven 58kg G. Schofield 1600m 1.38 5/10
1991 St.Johns Wood Mrs Jean Michel Giraud 58kg K. Neisius 1600m 1.37 4/10
1990 Sea Warrior Mrs J P. Li Sung Sang 58kg K. Shea 1600m 1.40 3/10
1989 Sea Warrior Mrs ]. P. Li Sung Sang 58kg K. Neisius 1600m 1.39 6/10
1988 Wild Amber Mrs Michaël Li Sung Sang 58kg K. Neisius 1600m 1.38 3/10
1987 Expertise Mrs Robert Maingard 58kg G. Waterston 1600m 1.38 1/10(
1986 Dambuster Mrs Patrice Lagesse 55kg A. Doyal 1600m 1.39 5/10
1985 Noble Salute L. Edgard Adolphe, a.B.E 58kg D. Lombard 1600m 1.38 2/10(
1984 Noble Salute Raj Rudhun 58kg M. Grigsby 1600m 1.39 4/10
1983 Noble Salute Robert Konfortion 58kg D. Grant 1600m 1.42
1982 Monsieur Blanc Mrs. Ram Ruhee 58kg A. Smith 1600m 1.39 8/10
1981 Laldheer Mrs Roger Koenig 58KG L. Hill 1600m 1.38 7/10(
1980 Holdall Benoît Espitalier Noël 9st 2lbs K. Walson 1 mile 1.40 2/5
1979 Azul Mrs Roger Koenig 9st 2lbs L. Hill 1 mile 1.4
1978 Azul Mrs Roger Koenig 9st 2lbs L. Hill 1 mile 1.4
1977 Azul Mrs Roger Koenig 9st 2lbs G. Mather 1 mile 1.40 3/5
1976 Peace Parade Gunness Gujadhur 9st 2lbs Deanan 1 mile 1.39 4/5(R
1975 Special ldol Roger Koenig 9st 2lbs A. Mc Lean 1 mile 1.41 4/5
1974 Strident Dr J Edouard 8runel, O.B.E. 9st 2lbs F.White 1 mile 1.42 4/5
1973 Derby O'Gill Dr J. Edouard Brunei, O.C.E. 9st 2lbs F.White 1 mile 1.43 2/5
1972 The Barber Dr. Jacques Ythier 9 9st 2lbs A. Lilley 1 mile 1.42
1971 SharpPip Hon. Henry ythier, C.B.E 9st 2lbs T. Little 1 mile 1.40 3/5
1970 Radlet Gunness Gujadhur 9st L. K. linsley 1 mile 1.42 3/5
1969 Puppet Mrs Hervé Koenig 9st 2lbs B. Mac Donald 1 mile 1.42 1/5
1968 Broadway Bill Pierre Ythier 8st 7lbs B. EIder 1 mile 1.42 3/5
1967 Mystic Snow Balkrishna Ramphul 9st 2lbs J. Wakker 1 mile 1.40 2/5
1966 Mystic Snow Reesaul Ramlagan 9st N. Pratt 1 mile 1.41 1/5
1965 Scalded Cat Mrs H M de V-ès.offrant 9st 1. Spalding 1 mile 1.41
1964 Amoretto Philippe Roussel 9st B. Lewis 1 mile 1.42
1963 Winged Pharoah Mrs Freddy Audibert 8st 11lbs 1. Spalding 1 mile 1.39 4/5(R
1962 Prodigal Mrs V. Pierre Goupille 9st P. King 1 mile 1.41(R)
1961 Prodigal Mrs V. Pierre Goupille 9st P. King 1 mile 1.41 3/5
1960 Prodigal Philippe de Labauve d'Arifal 9st J. Gilmore 1 mile 1.41 1/5
1959 Student Prince Jacques G. Ducray 9st V. Caddy 1 mile 1.42 4/5
1958 Ailill Pierre Bonieux 8st 11lbs L. 0' Brien 1 mile 1.42 2/5
1957 Arpad Mrs J Daruty de Grandpré 8st 11lbs K.Smith 1 mile 1.42 2/5
1956 Charybde Gunness Gujadhur 8st 8lbs L. Cannell 1 mile 1.43 3/5
1955 Little Abner C. Phillippe Genève 9st C. F. Malavich 1 mile 1.42