1. Fill in an application form, available at the secretariat of the MTC. Alternatively, the form may be sent to you by post.

2. Attach a passport size photograph to the application form.

3. Your application must be sponsored by two members of the MTC (‘Membre Fondateur’ ou ‘Membre à Vie’). Please note that each sponsor (“parrain”) is allowed to sponsor only one applicant per year.

4. Return your application form duly completed and signed to the following address:

The Mauritius Turf Club
Dr. Eugène Laurent Street
Champ de Mars
Port Louis

5. Inform the secretariat of the MTC of any changes in your contact details. You may also wish to add your email address.

6. Upon reception of your application, your name will be added at the bottom of the applicants’ list (liste des Aspirants ‘Membres Fondateurs’).

A. As the number of Ordinary Members is limited to 450 as per the Statutes of The Mauritius Turf Club, there is quite a long waiting list. It might take 5-6 years before your application is submitted for approval at the Annual General Assembly of the Club, usually held in February-March.

B. The fees for 2011 are as follows:

  • Admission fee: Rs 12,000
  • Membership fee: Rs 8,000 per year.