Commission of Inquiry on Horse Racing in Mauritius

A Commission of Inquiry has been appointed by the President of the Republic on 24 September 2014 to inquiry into, and report on –

(a)    the organisation, management and administration of horse racing in Mauritius, including –

(i)    the procedures relating to the licensing of stables, nominators, trainers and freelancers, as well as the registration of horse owners;

(ii)    the procedures for the recruitment of jockeys, in particular foreign ones;

(iii)    the procedures for the purchase of race horses, and the source of funds for such purchases;

(iv)    the number of days on which races are held and the number of races held during a racing day;

(b)    the technical, veterinary, security, and other related measures currently in place to ensure that no horse taking part in any race is tampered with;

(c)    the occurrences of a series of incidents that have taken place recently during races, including dubious performance of certain horses and their jockeys;

(d)    the exact role and responsibilities of the Chief Stipendiary Steward, and actions recommended or taken by him since his appointment as such;

(e)     the existing rules of racing with a view to ascertaining whether they are being applied indiscriminately and in all objectivity and even-handedly, so as to stand the test of transparency and accountability, and whether they are compatible with international best practices;

(f)    the conduct of betting operations on horse racing by bookmakers and totalisator operators, including on-line systems and off-race course betting;

(g)     any financial malpractices, including impropriety, illegal betting and illicit flow of funds in the organisation of betting, including ill-gotten gains from fraud in relation to horse racing;

(h)     any conflict of interest on the part of any person in relation to his involvement in horse racing;

(i)    all aspects of horse racing in Mauritius, including the advisability of setting up a Mauritius Turf Authority to oversee the overall organisation, management and administration of horse racing in Mauritius; and

also report any matter ancillary or incidental to (a) to (i) above, and make recommendations thereon.

The Commission comprises Mr Richard Nicholas PARRY, as Chairperson and Mr Dennis George GUNN and Mr John Paul SCOTNEY as assessors, and will sit in camera as from November 2014, at Level 3, Moorgate House, Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis on week days.

The Commission invites any person who may wish to give any information on the subject or may wish to depone before the Commission, to inform the Secretary of the Commission, in writing, together with a brief statement of the subject on which he/she feels that his/her evidence may be of assistance to the Commission, as soon as possible, but not later than
31 October 2014 at the address hereunder:

Mr. Motichand SEEBAH
Secretary, Commission of Inquiry on Horse Racing in Mauritius
c/o Prime Minister’s Office
Level 4, New Government Centre
Port Louis

All persons who wish to depone before the Commission will be required to give their address (professional, residential or electronic) and a contact number in order that they may be informed of the date and time at which they may be invited to attend the sittings of the Commission. 

For further information, please call the Secretary on 2013613 during office hours or by mail to the following address: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

Date: 25 September 2014                                     Commission of Inquiry on Horse Racing in Mauritius