Outre le symbole "Z" représentant un "compression mask", le programme officiel comprend une autre nouveauté depuis le début de cette saison 2021.

Il s'agit du symbole "Ø" qui dénote une infiltration.

Relatif à cette nouveauté
In accordance with the Gambling Regulatory Authority Directions, no 1 of 2021 for horseracing, paragraph G, which states:
G. Provisions regarding security, doping, bleeding horses and treatments to horses
With respect to intra-articular infiltrations:
(a) the MTC shall ensure that a horse is subject to an 8-clear-day stand down period after a horse is treated by way of intra-articular infiltration;
(b) the MTC shall, whenever required by the Authority, furnish all relevant particulars in respect of a horse treated by way of intra-articular infiltration.
(c) the MTC shall ensure that the particulars under Directions (a) and (b) above are disclosed to the stakeholders and punters in all relevant horse racing publications (in whatever format) concerning horse racing in Mauritius whenever the said horse is fielded in a race meeting and also confirm that the horse is free from such substances as infiltrated under Direction 24 (a) above for treatment.
Therefore, Trainers have been requested to disclose information regarding intra-articular treatments administered to horses participating in races under their care. This information is published and indicated with a Ø symbol in Racetime magazine.
The term intra-articular injection refers to an injection given directly into the joint capsule.
This procedure is done by a qualified Veterinarian that is approved by the MTCSL to treat thoroughbred horses. This treatment is required to be done 8 days prior to racing by a qualified veterinarian in accordance with Rule 120 of MTCSL Rules of Racing.