01 Septembre 2014
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261. THE MONASTIC CUP. 1600 m Valeur 25-0 12h30
Rang # Cheval Ecurie Jockey Temps Prix
1 8 FORT NOBLE P. Merven C. Segeon 1.39.77 120 000
2 2 CAPTAIN MATTHEW Gujadhur D. Holland 1.39.90 40 000
3 5 PLEASE TO PROGRESS R. Gujadhur J. Bardottier 1.40.00 20 000
4 10 CASEY DE ROCHE R. Gujadhur Y. Emamdee 1.40.01 10 000
5 3 GRAND BAIE R. Maingard R. Burke 1.40.05 -
6 4 KISHIMOTO Hurlywood S. Bussunt 1.40.12 -
7 6 SPACEBEAM P. Foo Kune S. Brown 1.40.31 -
8 9 HOPES AND DESIRES S. Henry B. Bhaugeerothee 1.40.34 -
9 1 SHERIFF MARSHALL V. Allet L. Currie 1.40.61 -
10 7 ZIP IT H. Maigrot N. Marday 1.40.79 -

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2014-261 - THE MONASTIC CUP.

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Communiqué des commissaires (en version originale)

Spacebeam hesitated at the start. Casey De Roche jumped awkwardly, shifted ground and bumped Zip It, which was further inconvenienced after jumping awkwardly. At the 1500 metres Sheriff Marshall and Captain Matthew came together when both horses shifted ground. At the 1300 metres Sheriff Marshall steadied to take the position behind Captain Matthew. As a result, Casey De Roche, which was following, steadied. Kishimoto over-raced in the early and middle stages. Zip It raced wide down the back straight. At the 600 metres Spacebeam steadied when unable to improve between Grand Baie and Fort Noble. Please To Progress was taken wide from the 400 metres. In the early part of the home straight Grand Baie lay in and at the 150 metres was unable to improve between Please To Progress and Casey De Roche and came to the inside of Please To Progress but again was held up when Hopes And Desires improved into that position. Grand Baie then continued to lay in for the remainder of the race and proved difficult to assist. Captain Matthew lay in in the early part of the home straight and at the 150 metres the rider pulled his whip through to his right hand.

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