15 Septembre 2014
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281. THE STUDDED CHALICE PLATE. 1365 m Valeur 25-0 12h30
Rang # Cheval Ecurie Jockey Temps Prix
1 2 RAINSTONE P. Foo Kune V. Sola 1.23.68 120 000
2 5 WINGED CAPTAIN R. Gujadhur B. Sooful - 40 000
3 8 CITY OF CHOICE P. Merven S. Rama - 20 000
4 1 EVERGREEN Gujadhur S. Bussunt - 10 000
5 6 ROVING CONSORT P. Foo Kune P. Horil - -
6 7 JACK FLASH V. Allet V.Naiko - -
7 4 SMARTELLI J.M. Henry N. Marday - -
8 3 HEIST G. Rousset N. Nagadoo - -

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Communiqué des commissaires (en version originale)

Evergreen jumped with its head up. Smartelli jumped awkwardly, shifted out and brushed Roving Consort. Heist was slow to begin. Shortly after the start Smartelli was cramped for galloping room between Heist and Roving Consort when Heist shifted out and Roving Consort shifted in. Jack Flash raced wide without cover in the early stages and leaving the 1200 metres was eased to take a position one off the fence behind Evergreen. Leaving the 1300 metres Smartelli, which was over-racing, became awkward when close to the heels of Roving Consort. Smartelli was then taken out from behind Roving Consort and raced wide throughout. Jack Flash raced fiercely in the back straight and had to be steadied when close to the heels of Evergreen. Approaching the 300 metres Rainstone was taken out from behind Smartelli to obtain clear running, which was giving ground. Rainstone raced wide in the home straight.

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