01 October 2014
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The Mauritius Turf Club

African Horse Sickness - Restrictions Announced

The Chief Director of Veterinary Services in the Western Cape, Dr. G. Msiza, has announced that restrictions have been placed on all direct horse movements to the Western Cape African Horse Sickness (AHS) Control Area with immediate effect. These restrictions have been instituted due to the increasing number of reported and suspicious cases.

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La première ICRAV de Maurice, du 20 au 27 septembre

Cette fin du mois de septembre 2014 entrera dans l'Histoire du sport mauricien et du pays, car ceux-ci accueilleront leur toute première ICRAV, la plus importante des Conférences techniques de courses au monde. Ce qui va attiser davantage de visibilité pour l'hippisme mauricien, mais également pour la République de Maurice, au plan international.

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Jockeys' Refusal To Ride - Gold Circle Seeks NHA Enquiry

Following the running of the first race at Greyville last Friday evening, the jockeys lodged a protest citing that the track was unsafe to continue racing. A panel, convened in terms of the NHA rules, could find no visual evidence to support the jockeys' concerns and overruled the protest. However, the jockeys failed to abide by the decision of the panel and refused to continue racing, causing the meeting to be abandoned.


Balse muni d’œillères ce matin

Pour la séance d’entraînement d’aujourd’hui, 195 chevaux se rendent en piste. De ceux-ci, environ 70 effectuent un galop. Tous les jockeys étrangers sont en selle et, parmi les faits à signaler, le gris Balse travaille avec les œillères.


Legend Jockey to join Jockeys Academy in South Africa

Despite retiring from race riding, Felix Coetzee expressed an interest in remaining involved in the Sport. Following a visit to the SAJA in Summerveld, Felix had discussions with the Headmaster and the Chairman of the Board. It was resolved that Felix would take up a position with the Academy on a fixed-term basis, commencing on 1 April 2014.

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