19 April 2014
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The Mauritius Turf Club

Assogia Wood temporairement retiré ; Ntandane transféré

Assogia Wood, pensionnaire de l’Ecurie Allet, a été temporairement retiré de l’effectif. Quant à Ntandane, qui a successivement fait partie des Ecuries Foo Kune, Perdrau et Maingard, il a rejoint l’Ecurie Maigrot.


The 2014 Dubai Racing Comprehensive

The Dubai World Cup Carnival opens on January 9, and while you can never get cracking on the form too soon, the celebration to ring in 2014 is the perfect time to launch our fifth annual Dubai Racing Comprehensive. Read more to open your copy of the 2014 Dubai Racing Comprehensive, our fifth annual preview heading into the Dubai World Cup Carnival.

Last Updated on Sunday, 05 January 2014 13:48

L’appel de Serge Henry (Tigger) cet après-midi

L’appel de Serge Henry (Tigger), qui avait été renvoyé le 24 mars dernier, sera entendu aujourd’hui à 15h30.


Betfred agrees to pay punter £40,000 after five-month dispute over bet

A 75-year-old punter is celebrating a £40,948 payout, despite a ruling that the bookmaker was not obliged to pay him. Richard Lewis wrote the names of five horses on his slip on 7 July and all won, at odds including 20-1, 14-1 and 10-1, but he failed to add the specific instructions that would have made it clear that his bet was an accumulator.

Last Updated on Monday, 06 January 2014 12:40

A big crowd attends training

A lot of people attend this Thursday's training session during which we saw spurts of the horses taking part in Saturday's race meeting. The weather is fine and around sixty horses work swiftly on 400 or 200m. All the foreign jockeys were present.


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