52 coursiers ont été acheminés de Floréal vers Port Louis cette semaine.

Ils sont :

Ecurie Alain Perdrau: Kalinago, New Golden Age, Olympic Bolt, Our Emperor

Ecurie Rameshwar Gujadhur: Declarator, Desert Thief, I Travel Light, Impressed, Silver Rock, West Coast Warrior

Ecurie Gujadhur: Seventh Plain, Soweto Moon, Stock Broker, Yankeedoodledandy

Ecurie Jean Michel Henry: Captain's Command, Do Be Snappy, Easy Lover, Flight School, Sea King, Winter is Coming 

Ecurie Chitranjan Ramdin: Kali’s Champ, Pimpernel, Stonehenge 

Ecurie Gilbert Rousset: Aspara, Blazing heart, Everest, Fury, Maxamore

Ecurie P.Nagadoo: Ice Emperor, Majestic Moon, New Star, Succession Plan

Ecurie C.Daby: Blow In the Box, Henry Tudor, Tanjiro

Ecurie S.Jones: Brachetto, Carson City, Greys Inn control, Red China, Vintage angel 

Ecurie S.Hurchund: A.P Strike, Eastern Echo, Rogue Runner, Varonella

Ecurie S. Narang: Baron Bellet, Split The Breeze 

Ecurie A. Sewdyal: Artax, Budapest, Kings Empire 

Ecurie P.Merven: Asyouplease, Airtaxi, Choir Of Angels, In The Loop, Talbec