Les enquêtes dans les cas Maxamore et Aspara ont repris durant la journée de ce mercredi.

Elles ont été ajournées à une date ultérieure.


Le communiqué :




8 August 2018


The Racing Stewards today continued the inquiries into a report from the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) approved laboratory QuantiLab that stanozolol and 16-beta-hydroxystanozolol had been detected in blood and urine samples taken from MAXAMORE and ASPARA after their respective wins on the 12 and 26 May 2018.

Trainer G. Rousset attended and requested that Mr. Gavin Glover SC be permitted to assist him in the Stewards inquiries.

Given the serious nature of these inquiries, the Racing Stewards acceded to Mr. Rousset’s request. 

Mr. Glover SC advised the Racing Stewards that his client would be greatly disadvantaged if the Stewards inquiry was to proceed as these matters are the subject of a Police investigation and any evidence could affect Mr. Rousset in relation to the Police inquiries. Consequently, Mr. Glover SC requested that Mr. Rousset be granted an adjournment to allow for the completion of the Police investigation and the report into these matters.

The Racing Stewards, after consideration, granted Mr. Rousset an adjournment during which time the Racing Stewards would continue to attempt to obtain an update and a Police report. Mr. Rousset and Mr. Glover SC were also requested to make every effort to obtain a Police report during the adjournment.

The Racing Stewards advised that the adjournment would be of reasonable duration after which the inquiries will proceed.

Accordingly, the inquiries were adjourned to a date to be fixed.




Stephane de Chalain

Chief Stipendiary Steward