52 coursiers ont été acheminés de Floréal vers Port Louis cette semaine.

Ils sont :

Ecurie Alain Perdrau: Badawee, Captain Moss, Glorious Goodwood, Midnight Man 

Ecurie Rameshwar Gujadhur: Birds Eye View, Gondwana, It’s My Party, Newsman, Silver Rock

Ecurie Gujadhur: Act Of Loyalty, Cape Horn, Disco Al, Perplexing, Silver Snaffles, Tandragee

Ecurie Jean Michel Henry: Sharkaholic, Zodiac Jack 

Ecurie Chitranjan Ramdin: Blue Jeans, Kali’s Champ, Nightingale Lane

Ecurie Gilbert Rousset: Bypass, Everest, Karraar, Mambo Rock, Melson, Prince Of Thieves, Red Line Captain, Scotsnog, Bypass

Ecurie S. Narang: Barking Irons, Seventh Speed. Split the Breeze, Aware 

Ecurie C.Daby: Answeringenesis, Dreamforest, Euroklidon, Kingmambo’s Legacy, Never Fear, Blow in the Box

Ecurie S.Jones: Night Chapel, Patrol Mission, Prince Lateral, Red China 

Ecurie S.Hurchund: Mutzi 

Ecurie A. Sewdyal: Masaar 

Ecurie P. Merven: Avail, Fortissimo, Gstaad, Jullidar, Maximizer, Varadiso