After many years of punting - and whinging about punting - we've come up with a definitive list of the 21 most annoying things about 'the punt'.

21. Popping into a TAB and being ambushed by the resident pest.

20. The Saturday morning wait until the first.

19. EBT hogs/getting stuck behind someone placing a bet for an event in 8 hours time.

18. Taking tote odds when you could have got a much juicier fixed price.

17. Seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry declare one on raceday that you've backed at big odds in a futures market.

16. The Overs God.

15. The 'price has changed' pop-up.

14. The quaddie sub rule.

13. Track bias (if you've already placed your bets).

12. Watching a blackbooker or horse you've backed all preparation win without you.

11. Taking fixed odds and watching your horse blow like a gale.

10. Being early crowed (ie. "You're home here, mate")

9. Watching your horse travel wide without cover from a good gate.

8. Your horse undergoing a vet examination before the race.

7. Getting three legs of the quaddie.

6. Post-race experts.

5. Running 4th on an each-way bet.

4. Watching your horse stroll home after you missed getting on by a millisecond.

3. Watching your horse win before seeing that you forgot to hit 'confirm'.

2. Getting nutted in a photo.

1. Dodgy camera angles that you make think that you've won when you haven't.