Comme annoncé précédemment, la Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) a émis des nouvelles directives qui remplaceraient celles déjà existantes et émises en octobre 2015.

Ces directives sont les suivantes :


Directions To MTC – 2018 Horseracing Season 

1. No foreign jockey shall ride at a race meeting organized by the Mauritius Turf Club, unless that jockey is either a national of a country with which Mauritius has binding extradition arrangements in so far as the extradition of its own nationals are concerned or the jockey, himself, or the Trainer, the Stable or Owner who has retained his services, furnishes a security of Rs 5 Million to the Gambling Regulatory Authority. 


2. Where, in a given racing season, a stable/trainer has terminated the contract of a foreign jockey, that jockey shall not ride for another stable/trainer for the same racing season. 


3. For any given racing season, a jockey who has a contract with a stable/trainer shall not ride for any other stable/trainer except where that jockey – 

a. is taking part in a group race; or 

b. rides in replacement of another jockey who, due to an unforeseen event is unable to ride in a given race; provided that the final choice of the replacing jockey rests with the Mauritius Turf Club. 

Note: The stable/ trainer with whom a foreign jockey has its initial contract will remain responsible for that jockey. Nonetheless, where the Jockey is riding for another stable under the above-mentioned circumstances, that second stable should also be accountable and answerable for the said Jockey. 


4. Where the Mauritius Turf Club has decided to apply sanctions against a jockey, it shall, forthwith, notify the Gambling Regulatory Authority, the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Passport and Immigration Office. 


5. Where the Mauritius Turf Club becomes aware of the proposed departure of a jockey from Mauritius, it shall forthwith notify the Passport and Immigration Office and the Mauritius Revenue Authority, and, in the case of a foreign jockey, shall also, inform the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training. 


6. No stable / trainer / owner shall be allowed to field more than two (2) horses in a particular race, except that fielding of more than two (2) horses shall be allowed, and shall not be prohibited by a horse-racing organiser, in every ‘Protected Race’ as long as couple bets remain available to punters. 


7. No single horse race shall have less than six (6) horses, except that a ‘Protected Race’ shall be run and may not be cancelled by a horse-racing organiser when there is a minimum of three (3) horses from 2 different stables. 


8. No jockey who has been suspended for more than twelve (12) weeks either consecutively or cumulatively during the same season shall be authorised to ride for the remaining part of the season. If by the end of the season the suspension is not served, the remaining part of the suspension will be served at the start of the next racing season. 


9. An appeal under the Rules of Racing of the Mauritius Turf Club shall be determined within 15 days of the date of the notice setting out the grounds on which the decision appealed against is being challenged. 


10. Any foreign jockey shall not be allowed to ride for more than three (3) consecutive years. They would need to take a 2 (two) year break before coming back to ride in Mauritius. 


11. All classic races and Group 1 races shall be run at weight-for-age using the international scale applicable for horses born in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere as applicable. 


12. For all group races, priority in starting stalls shall be strictly in order of the merit rating of the horses. In case two or more horses have the same merit rating, priority shall be given to the horse which has the lower draw. This Direction shall however be without prejudice to the right of the horse-racing organiser, for any race run over 2,200m or longer, to introduce an additional mandatory condition that every participant has shown aptitude to run the relevant distance, such condition to be worded in such manner as the horse-racing organiser shall decide. 


13. The merit-rating qualification thresholds for open Group races shall be as follows: 

13.1 Group 1 races shall be reserved for horses with a merit rating of at least 65+, provided that, if places are available, horses rated 64 to 60 may be declared to race; 

13.1.1 Group 2 races shall be reserved for horses with a merit rating of 60+; and 

13.1.2 Group 3 races shall be reserved for horses with a merit rating of at least 60; if places are available, horses rated 59 to 55 may be declared to race (provided that priority in the starting stalls for horses rated 59 to 55 shall be strictly in accordance with merit rating; in case two or more horses have the same merit rating, priority shall be given to the horse which has the lower draw). 


Note: In case the Horse Racing Organiser considers that there shall be insufficient runners in any open group race on the application of Directive 13, the Horse Racing Organiser may apply to the Authority for a variation of the conditions prescribed above for that particular race provided that :- 

1. Such application shall be made at least 2 weeks before the said race and after consultation with trainers; and 

2. The application shall be accompanied by detailed reasons in support, including without limitation:- 

a. detailed feedback obtained from trainers; 

b. the likely list of runners and their merit rating; and 

c. the likely list of additional runners and their merit rating that would be likely to run if the Authority grants the application. 


14: The Rules of Racing and the Directions for Racing shall not be altered in the course of a Racing Season, except with the consent of the Authority when an application is made to that effect by the Horse Racing Organiser. 


15. Definitions for the purpose of these Directions: 

(I) The following races shall be ‘Protected Races’: 

(a) listed races (which shall include classic and group races); and/or 

(b) 50+ races. A race shall be considered as a “50+ race” where the merit rating of the lowest-rated horse in the final field is 50 or higher and there is no maximum limitation on the ratings of participants; and/or 

(c) races forming part of a championship for sprinters, milers, stayers, 3-year-old horses or 4-year-old horses. 

[II] ‘Foreign jockey’ is a jockey who is not a citizen of Mauritius under the provisions of the Constitution of Mauritius and the Immigration Act and, also does not hold a Mauritian passport. 


All the Directions listed above takes effect immediately except for Directions 11, 12 and 13 that will apply for races run as from 1st June 2018.