A New Zealand racetrack has been inundated by a super tide described by witnesses as a ‘tsunami’.

The Westport Trotting track, which is due to stage a meeting next month, was completely flooded by water from a nearby lagoon after a combination of a super moon king tide and a huge storm.

Westport Trotting Club President Dan Moloney told The Informant that the speed of the flooding was stunning.

“It was like a tsunami,” he said.

“Imagine like you saw on telly with the Japan tsunami a few years ago – it was like that, just on a smaller scale.”

“Kevin Gardener rang me from the track and said you better get down here, there is water flowing up over the track.”

“I told him to pull the other one, but he was absolutely right.

“It was a wall of water just rolling in at walking pace.”

Horses stabled at the track were quickly evacuated, but amenities such as the club’s tearooms were quickly underwater.

He estimated 95% of the racing track was submerged.

“The tearooms are buggered and they could be a write-off. And both water and sewerage have gotten in under the grandstand, too.”

But in typical Kiwi resilience, Moloney scoffed at any suggestion next month’s meeting would have to be moved or cancelled.

“We’ll be racing here, don’t you worry.

“A little thing like this isn’t going to put us out of commission.”